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Seasearch Specialist Course

Fish ID for divers

With Frances Dipper

Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre April 2009

'Psssst... I think you'll find I'm a bass'
This popular course kicked off the 2009 year for sleepy East Anglia where we are just starting to look hopefully at the sea... it may still be a couple of months before it is diveable.

This course really is a no-brainer for any diver with any interest in wildlife at all, it's very accessible and addresses the very first question every diver asks "what was that fish?"

The preserved fish samples gave everyones ID skills a workout 
Well hopefully 19 divers and 1 diver's angling mother now know quite a few more fish. Judging by the avid attention and enthisastic book sales they grasped the central point of the course that once you understand fish basics you stand a chance of identifying them after a dive... or a trip round an aquarium!

Great Yarmouth's Sea Life centre hosted us and proved an excellent venue with some of the biggest, best fed native species we've ever seen - We're sure they must have some record breaking gurnards in there.


P4051405.JPG As always Frances Dipper was an enthusiastic, engaging and effortlessly informative tutor belying her standing as a genuine authority on the subject as she answered questions at every level.

Since we saw and enjoyed the first running of this course the presentation and information has continued to become tighter and clearer and those who attended it as a refresher all commented that they had learnt yet more second time around. Whether it's separating gobies and blennies or Poor Cod and Bib there's always more depth you can add to your fish ID.


David marvels at the size of the Gurnards

Sarah and Dawn find the North Sea Ferry simulator all too realistic...

Quick lads this one has interesting markings!
The course drew people from as far apart as Cambridge, Hertfordshire and... York! We were delighted to welcome the Seasearch North East team Carrie, Kat, Paula and Rachel. They have a great program of dives and courses this year and we'll be going up to enjoy both - in our cool new shirts and hats!

We're still some way off our first scheduled dive of the year but our boat dives from Lowestoft and Sea Palling are filling fast  - with only a reserve list on some already. There are also several Observer courses planned, see here for details of both

As always we are looking for more local diving, more local help and more ideas for things to do so please get in touch if you would like to get more involved.
Frances with the Seasearch teams 

Dawn and Rob
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